How Children Learn by Playing

The idea of children learning by playing may seem outrageous to some parents and educational institutions, which firmly believe that learning is all about getting good grades in school. The focus of learning goes beyond grades, and kids can be taught some of the most complex concepts simply by playing and engaging in some activities.
Children Learn by Playing

The concept of learning by playing is not new. In fact, for ages, children have been taught highly complex concepts by means of games and activities – concepts that they wouldn’t have otherwise grasped. Such games and activities enhance personal learning and development that no book can provide.

It is true that a school provides education, but knowledge is subjective and can be increased and improved by means of some very simple methods such as playing games.

There are so many things that you have your kids do, without realizing the kind of message it is imparting to them, or the kind of effect it has on their minds. Playing particularly has a positive effect on kids and helps develop their personality and skills.

What Children Learn By Playing

By playing together, children learn how to respect choices and are exposed to a variety of thought processes. Instead of having kids cram information and simply talking to them about various concepts, parents, along with several educational institutions, are adopting the art of teaching by playing with children. This, they believe, is a better way of inculcating not only concepts but also essential values, particularly in the most formative stages of a child’s life. It is human nature to learn by experience, rather than when told or explained by someone else.

Children should be allowed to learn from the consequences of their actions, and then realize why they were or weren’t asked to do something. With parent and teacher participation and involvement, for children, learning can be made fun rather than a mundane, stressful task that emphasizes only on cramming as much information as possible.A lot of concepts that education cannot impart are taught by the simple act of engaging in various indoor and outdoor activities.

Here’s what kids learn when they engage in such activities:

~ By being allowed to play, children are free to explore their surroundings and develop experiences that are unique to them.
~ They learn to take control and are capable of making their own decisions.
~ They learn to respect rules and the choice of others around them.
~ Children learn how to use their imagination in play and this helps develop creativity. The use of imagination also helps them shut out unpleasantness and tackle inherent fears.
~ Free play allows kids to indulge and appease their inquisitiveness.
~ Interactions with others help develop communication skills and aid personality development.
~ The involvement of parents in the entire process helps strengthen the bond between the child and parent, as children learn how to share their experiences with their parents.

Examples of How Children Learn by Playing

~ Why are kids taught mathematics on the Abacus before they are taught it in the classroom? It is because the abacus lays a strong foundation upon which the subject revolves. The basics of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are all taught on this colorful tool, where kids learn how these concepts work by manually moving the beads. This makes it a playful activity that allows learning by playing.
~ Board games such as Monopoly teach children how to use money wisely at a young age. It teaches them how to carry out transactions, and how to make decisions for themselves. Games such as Scrabble help children strategist and score more points by placing appropriate letters in the right spots.
~ In the digital age, a lot of educational computer games and video games have been designed to teach children basic concepts such as strategy, the importance of teamwork, along with enhancing focus and concentration. Some schools in the US have started allowing kids to design video games that help them learn in the process of designing.
~ In the classroom, children are also taught the power of healthy communication, of group effort, and the benefits of team building. It teaches children not only to function as a group, but to lead and manage large groups of people, thereby helping them develop leadership skills.
~ Similar is the case with outdoor games and activities. Being the captain of a football team teaches a child how to lead, manage and achieve goals by means of the aforementioned concepts. In activities like camping, children are taught the importance of nature, and the value of having the comfort of a home and a bed, when they are roughing it up outdoors.

Encouraging Learning by Playing

In order to encourage learning by playing, it is important that kids be allowed to learn in their own way. There is a difference between guiding and pressurizing, and as a parent/teacher, you ought to know where to draw the line.

Here are some guidelines that will help you aid learning through the process of playing :

.~ The activities and games introduced to children should be age-appropriate.
~ The activity that kids are allowed should be divided into structured and unstructured play. This means, say for 30 minutes, an adult should be guiding kids in their activities, and for another 30 minutes, the child should be allowed to do what he pleases, i.e. free play.
~ Schools should allot specific periods for children to free play and engage in teacher-led activities. This can be a time for structured play, during which they can enhance communication and other skills.
~ They should be allowed to be in control of the situation, even during structured play. This helps them develop their own methods of working on different activities.
~ A child should be allowed to indulge in play for as long as he wants to, and should not be forced to sit through a period of play just because it has been allotted. What is meant to be a fun activity to aid learning should not get frustrating for the child.

All in all, this idea of enabling children to learn by playing can be implemented in different manners. Not all children take to a particular activity and may have other ways of imbibing knowledge and wisdom. Yet, this is a very effective way of laying a strong foundation of concepts that are not taught by books to children. There is a lot for children to learn in life, and though not everything, playing with children and teaching them in the process will be highly beneficial to all of them.

Find and Download Interesting Coloring Pages Easily

coloring pal

Coloring pictures can be one of the interesting activities for kids. Kids can be so creative in applying colors on the provided pictures. This can be a way to make the kids more creative. Of course, this is also important step for them to imagine and identify objects based on the color characteristic. Sense of artistic may also start to grow from this simple yet interesting activity. It is true that coloring pictures or images can be simple things to do because parents only need to prepare the pictures and coloring kits, then parents can accompany the kids. It is also possible to let the kids use their own imagination and creativity.

Related to the activity of coloring pictures, it may be quite problematic when parents need to prepare all of the images. It is true that there are many books for this activity. However, sometimes these can be quite confusing when parents have to find new books of images and pictures because sometimes kids can be easily bored, so there must always be new images for them. Unluckily, it is quite difficult to get new images or books for this activity. As the solution, there will be as the special website for kids. The website will give the easier access to color images and pages. The website itself will provide the blank images and pictures so kids can color them. Parents only need to download the pages. In this case, the website will provide free access so parents can download pages easily.

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How to Improve Playground Safety

Playgrounds are among the most beloved places for children to play. They offer tons of fun, great exercise and are an excellent way to get outside and enjoy the fresh air with friends.

While playgrounds are definitely tons of fun, if they aren’t used properly, they can pose certain risks. Faulty equipment, improper surfaces and carelessness can ruin the fun, and quick.

Fortunately, there are ways that you can make sure the playground remains a fun, entertaining and safe place for your kids to play. Here are some tips to maximize playground safety and fun.

Provide Proper Supervision

Make sure that you are always aware of what your kids are doing on the playground. Tall structures, slippery surfaces and openings can pose potential hazards, leading to slips and falls that can cause serious harm.

Make sure you keep your eyes on your children and assist them if they need help climbing or getting down from high spots.

Check the Surfaces

A safe playground is one that offers surfaces that aid in reducing injuries and the severity of injuries when kids fall from equipment.

The surface under the playground equipment should be soft and thick to soften the impact of a fall. Excellent examples of safe playground flooring include rubber nuggets, turk and pour in place rubber.

Check the Equipment

Make sure you check the equipment to ensure your child’s safety. Sharp objects, broken stairs, uneven steps, standing water, tree roots and stumps, rocks, glass and other dangers could cause serious harm to children.

Make sure you check the playground equipment, as well as the area around the playground to ensure that it is safe for your kids to play on. If you notice any hazards, either remove them, or avoid playing on the playground and check out another one that is safer for your kids.

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The Awesome Features of Springfree Trampolines

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Ways to Encourage Kids to Be Active

Did you know that 70 percent of overweight kids, become overweight adults as well? It’s important that kids, at their early age, develop healthy habits they can carry into adulthood. The best way to do this is to encourage kids to be active. But that’s easier said than done, especially if kids have become couch potatoes or digital zombies thanks to all those gadgets. Here are 7 ways to encourage kids to be active.

Introduce Development-Related Activities

You may not know it, but kids crave for structure in their lives. When they’re bored, besides playing, they either eat, use gadgets or do weird stuff. While their weird stuff can be hilarious at times (not to mention cute), add a little more order in their lives by giving them development-related activities. For example, don’t expect an eight-year old to run a marathon with you or do weight training. Swimming, biking, basketball and football are fun activities. There are camps which also offer development-related fitness activities.

Get Them ‘Active Toys’

Obviously, kids love toys. But don’t give them just any other toys. Give them active ones. For instance, a soccer ball may not technically be a toy, but for a child it can lead to hours of fun and fitness. A beach ball can encourage kids to be active even before their feet get wet. A Frisbee or a kite will encourage them to go outside and play.

Get Them Fitness Gear

Like toys, fitness wear can encourage children to be more active. Shoes, for example, is an outright invitation for them to go outside and be active. Either than fit though, shoes need to protect your kids’ feet. Choose shoes which are comfy, has good support and cushioning. Diadora kids’ shoes are a good place to start. Lotto is another brand which offer good kids shoes. The shoes are readily available via online shops. Look for sports accessories they may like too.

Turn the Electronics Off

On average, children spend around seven hours using television, smartphones and other gadgets, daily. Yes, it’s like they have a job with that much hours spent on these things. Imagine how productive they would be if even half of that is used on fitness? But before you go dictator, bear in mind that there is a more subtle way to get kids to stop using electronics. Do it gradually. Don’t let them go ‘cold turkey’ so to speak. Limit the time of use slowly and insert fitness activities in its place. You want them to let go of the digital habit by themselves, not by force.

Make Meals Magical

Children can be picky eaters. That’s why it’s so hard for most parents to persuade kids to eat healthy. One trick is to make the foods look good. Design your kids’ meals to make them look good. Make it look like a bear. A lion or even a cartoon character (if you’re really good at it). Another way is to add what your kids like with healthy foods. For instance, every kid likes cheese, so steamed veggies with some cheese can encourage them to eat their vegetables. As they get the taste of vegetables, slowly remove the cheese or use healthier options.

Be Their Role Model

Kids model their behavior through people who are close to them. No pressure, but as a parent, that’s you. If you want your kids to eat healthy and be fit, you have to show them you’re willing to do the same. Practice what you preach by being a role model.

Do Not Overdo It

As much as you want your kids to be fit and active, do not overdo it. Remember that the goals is for kids to develop a healthy habit, which means they actually have to like the idea of being fit. And that won’t happen if they feel like its kiddie boot camp. So just take it easy and let them enjoy the ride… and enjoy it too.

Safeguarding Elementary School Kids From Abduction

Nothing can be more tormenting for a parent than having a child abducted and not knowing how they are and where they are. Most cases of abduction for school going kids happen when they are on their way to the school and on their way back home from school. Abduction of kids has become very real and it is up to the parents and the schools to come up with safety measures to reduce the cases and to keep the children safeguarded at all times. Even the simplest measures on the way to school and while in school can go a long way in protecting the children.

What parents can do

1. If possible make sure that you take your child to the bus stop and only leave when the child safely board the school bus. In cases where you have chosen not to use the school bus services, make sure you personally drop the child to school compared to leaving them to use public means to get to school.

2. Be attentive when your child talks about approaches from strangers and teach them about abduction in an easy to understand manner but with the seriousness it deserves. Teach them to ignore and avoid strangers, however friendly they might be.

3. Be very clear about who picks your child from school and always let the child know when someone else will be picking them up. They should never accept any other pickups unless you have told them that you will not be present to pick them up and designate a specific person for the task.

4. Work closely with the school about who drops and picks your child from school. The teachers and caregivers should never allow anyone to pick or drop your child unless you have communicated about such changes directly.

5. Ensure that your child knows their full names, home telephone number and address as well as the names of their parents. You however, should warn them about disclosing this information unless they are lost and seeking help reliable people like police officers.

What schools can do

1. Establish consistent school bus pick-up and drops so that parents and guardians are able to keep up with picking their children and dropping them at designated spots. Remember that a few minutes of waiting can lead to a regrettable situation.

2. Get a school visitor management system to ensure that all visits are from relevant people related to the child. Such a system can help you register new visitors and even check with watch lists for security purposes.

3. Never allow suspicious people to pick up kids from school unless you have received official communication from the parent. The same should go for strange characters that drop the kids to school; you should hold them until you talk to the parents and guardians about the drop off and you are sure about who they are.

4. Create some order on how children leave school and make sure they wait for the bus or individual pickups within the school and where you can clearly see all activities.

Using a school visitor management system is one of the best ways of safeguarding elementary kids from people with ill-motives. Never make assumptions, even when the visitor is known to the child.

Anger Amongst Youth

Good parenting is most pivotal for the good upbringing of your child. When a child becomes teen, it is not that easy to manage him as he is growing as an adult and there are lots of mental and physical changes that take place in him which is just a normal course. At this important stage, the parents must understand the child and his problems. Although some children get due care from their parents, yet most of them don’t get proper attention which lead them towards an aimless goal.

In this current generation, we are creating the crowd of the angry children due to their not so good way of thinking and endless eccentricity of their age. They want to get a thing then and there and to wait is not accepted to them. They are not willing to make sincere efforts in achieving their goals. As they want immediate results, they turn to negativity if they don’t get them in a desired way. There are many instances where parents fail to treat their children in a good way which results in making them disruptive and aggressive. The behavior of today’s youth is much different from the youth of the past. While the old generation was very keen in undertaking their goals with full enthusiasm and a zeal to get a respectable place in the society, today’s youth is in a hurry and is engulfed into several burning issues of the society such as unemployment, overpopulation, bad education scenario in the country, disparity in the social order and so on. That is why young people indulge in unsocial/illegal activities to fulfill their desires of attaining high place.

Consequently, crime reports display the negative attitude and the long-buried anxiety and depression emerging among the young generation due to the want of money and the non-availability of basic necessities of life. sometimes it is found out that some of the youngsters with good education backgrounds seem restless and commit heinous crimes to fulfill their immediate goals. To a greater extent several factors are responsible for the pitiable plight of youngsters such as apathy of teachers and parents towards their pupils/wards in regard to transforming high level human values, improper professional guidance, low moral attitude, negative impact of TV and Internet, Relationship. The lack of all these elements in youth lead them to robbery, road rage, cheating, being dropouts, misguiding people for their selfish motives.

Allocation of more and more funds in the field of education is quite inevitable so it is required that a desirable atmosphere of high level of educational system may be evoked. By that way,today’s younger generation will be able to get job according to their aspirations and will tend to make further high level researches in the field of medical science, nuclear science and a high level social order may evolve that will be a proper reward of honesty, fair and hard work. Undoubtedly, this new system will be a source of inspiration to those youngsters who become distracted and can move on a right track to meet real goals of life. Plus, the elders too can’t isolate themselves from the accountability and responsibility of proper upbringing of the young generation.

Two Great Themes For A Kid’s Birthday Party

In a child’s world, one of the most special occasions is the day of their birth. While many kids’ birthday parties share common touches, like candles on a cake, singing, and games, there are certain ways to make the event even more memorable. Here are two themes that will make any child’s birthday party the envy of their friends.

Pirate Treasure Hunt

A pirate theme is a great way to stimulate the imagination. Children get a chance to dress up and hunt for buried treasure!

The first step to any party is invitations. Special paper that looks like old parchment can be ordered from specialty websites or, to make it at home, regular white paper can be covered in lemon juice and heated in the oven. Once browned, a match can burn the border of the paper to make it look even more authentic. The parchment paper can also be used to create a treasure map, included with the invitation or handed out as guests arrive.

So what is the treasure? It can be any number of things. If the celebration is during the cool months, a wooden box filled with chocolate coins, ring pops, and other edible jewelry is a great prize. If the weather is too warm, costume jewelry and imitation gold coins make perfect booty. Providing the children with a small burlap or paper sack allows them to take their share of the treasure home.

For dessert, a cake in the shape of a skull, treasure chest, or pirate ship will make an already great birthday party even better. Argh!


For children who love sports, nothing beats an Olympics-themed birthday party. The guest of honor can choose his or her favorite events for guests to play, and signal the official start to the games with a mock Olympic torch. Hosting the celebration at a local park means the kids can play any number of games, depending on the courts and fields. If children grow tired of the more structured sports, it is easy to organize a game of tag, freeze tag, capture the flag, or any other simple game.

Trophies or medals can be ordered from a party store, or even made at home out of tinfoil. The cake can take the shape of a basketball, baseball, football, soccer ball, or any other piece of sports equipment.

Along with these two themes, there are a million and one more. A child’s birthday party is a truly momentous event in their lives, and the theme should only be limited by their imagination.

Learning at the Zoo

During summer many families decide going to the zoo is great summer entertainment. Most kids love to see animals and going to the zoo is the perfect place to do that. As a parent it’s fun to see your child’s eyes light up as they view an elephant for the first time or see their giggles as they watch the monkeys play.

Going to the zoo is a real “no-brainer” as a form of entertainment. Kids are easily engaged as they watch the animals. When you have younger children it’s easy for parents to suddenly find themselves asking their child what sound a certain animals makes or mimicking it.

But did you know there’s so much more you can teach your child at a zoo? But first, why should you even teach your child rather than just let them run around and be a kid?! I’m not saying don’t let them have fun. What I am saying, is just take a few minutes to sneak in some learning while you’re at the zoo.

Studies show the more we stimulate our child’s brain, the more likely they will grow up to be smarter. The smarter your child is, studies also show the more likely they’ll be successful in life. And who doesn’t want a smarter, successful child? That’s why so many parents are taking their children to tutoring centers. Those are great, but why not supplement with some fun learning by taking your child to the zoo?

Did you know kids can learn empathy from animals? Empathy is an important skill to have and is not taught in school (as part of a curriculum anyway). Empathy is learning to put yourself in another’s shoes so you understand what they are experiencing. If you’re familiar with emotional intelligence (EQ), empathy is at the top of the list. Many experts say EQ is much more important than IQ.

If you have pets at home kids usually learn from a young age not to pull the dog’s tail or the cat’s ears. They can also learn it from observing zoo animals. Next time you’re at the zoo take a minute to discuss what that animal might be feeling. Notice if the animal looks at you. They are conscious beings just like us even if they can’t talk or tell us how they feel. If you’ve ever watched those SPCA commercials on TV you know what I mean looking at those animals’ sad eyes!

Viewing animals at the zoo can also help children overcome any fears they may have about animals. At the zoo children are safely shielded from the animal so they can’t get too close. This can help reduce their anxiety about the animal. If your child feels comfortable, take them to the petting zoo (which are usually part of larger zoos) so they can experience first-hand what it feels like to pet the animals. Or go to an aquarium where they have touch tanks so your child can also touch the animals.

Next time you are going to the zoo, be sure to remember these simple points so you can discuss them with your child. Learning can be fun, it doesn’t have to take place in a stuffy classroom or last for an hour!